All members have to be 21+ with Rec in order for ReLeaf Cafe to services them. At this time we are getting all license in place so we can continue to serve are members. If you are a member of ReLeaf Cafe you may contact us to place orders and pre- orders.

Sorry if this is causing inconvenience for any new members. If you have any questions please contact us Email: or call 800-570-0926



Please Contact our Sale Regional Office: 800-570-0926x700


Product / Service

Thank you for being a part of our family, as we grow our savings are turn over to the members. ReLeaf Cafe will be moving forward with Custom Pre-Rolls. We look forward to moving towards concentrations and the wholesale prospect. Please go to the Menu or call if you have any questions or want to order.


ReLeaf Cafe Mission Statement

Striving to make sure we educate our members and promote the social welfare for the public as it relates to alternative healing and pain management methodology, resources and education, to promote safety and awareness of drugs, medical cannabis and other remedies. ReLeaf Cafe always puts the members needs 1st. We are formed for the mutual benefit of it's members and articles of incorporation are on file at the Secretary of State of California. We operate as a true Collective, following the California Attorney General Guidelines (2008) and Cal Health & Safety Code 11362.775. ReLeaf Cafe merely facilitates the collaborative efforts of our members, by helping them facilitate the cultivation of medicinal cannabis and the allocation of costs and revenues. We do not collect donations in exchange for marijuana and or services, but we collect a fee and taxes allocated (Jan 1st 2018) providing these and other services for our members, which members will receive a break down of service provided. Being a Service member and having medical issues being able to have alternative meds helps me. So for me this was very personal, 2015 changed my life with this industry. Watch out for bigger and better things for ReLeaf Cafe.




Next Steps...

ReLeaf Cafe likes to keep our Members up to date on what's happening around the Medical Marijuana World. Check out the News Right here with Us.